Performance Health® Puts Pain in the Hot Seat with the Launch of Perform® Atomic Heat and Stops Soreness Cold in its Tracks with a New and Improved Perform® Pain Reliever

-Leading topical wellness brand reveals game-changing pain relief products-
Akron, OHIO – July 23, 2015 – From a brisk 5 minute warm-up before launching into an energetic sprint, to 90 intense minutes in a deeply heated Bikram yoga classroom, turning the temperature up is proven as a soothing and safe way to start any bout of physical activity.

With this in mind, the makers of Biofreeze® Pain Reliever have created Perform® Atomic Heat™, a new topical formula used for warming the body prior to physical activity, and for relieving muscle, joint and arthritis pain.

While Biofreeze is a legendary pain reliever used and recommended for years by doctors and clinical practices catering to the professional community, Perform puts pain relief directly into the hands of consumers. The Atomic Heat formula is designed to ease muscle pain, stiffness, aches and soreness, whenever they occur.

Atomic Heat provides an effective solution for both acute and chronic pain with the power of two active ingredients: capsaicin, a colorless, odorless compound that occurs naturally in chili peppers, and methyl salicylate. The essence of Atomic Heat also lies in several key botanicals included in the formula such as Ilex Extract and Arnica. Available now in a 3oz. Roll-On delivery at CVS stores, Atomic Heat can be applied pre- or post-activity to warm muscles and help loosen common problem areas, such as knees, hands, wrists, legs, the lower back and the neck.

For those who prefer a warm therapy solution over a cold therapy solution, Atomic Heat hits the spot.

“Pain is a necessary evil, but in many ways it’s a good thing because it’s your body’s way to get your attention. With the right tools though, it doesn’t have to start or persist,” said Marshall Dahneke, CEO of Performance Health, the leader in rehabilitation, fitness and wellness products launching Atomic Heat. “With this new product there is a warm alternative to alleviate the aches and pains that come with an active lifestyle.”

Along with Atomic Heat, Performance Health is also unveiling a new and improved formula for its Perform® Pain Reliever, a cooling topical used as an immediate relief for pain related to activity, injury or training. Its new paraben-free formula delivers the therapeutic benefits of cryotherapy, which is the application of cold to decrease and relieve pain. With menthol as its active ingredient, a compound obtained from mint, Perform provides the benefit of cold therapy conveniently without the hassle, discomfort, or potential side effects of ice or pills. In addition to being free of parabens, Perform does not contain NSAIDs and does contain herbal ingredients, including aloe vera, arnica extract and many soothing oils such as lime, pine and peppermint oil.

Performance Health continues to develop innovative solutions for an active, healthy lifestyle. Both Atomic Heat and Perform relieve discomfort so users can focus on life, not the distraction of pain. Perform is available in a 4oz. Gel, 3oz. Roll-On and 4oz. 360ᵒ Spray application. Atomic Heat also comes in a 3oz. Roll-On and a classic 4oz. Cream application. Perform and Atomic Heat retail for an MSRP of $11.99.